Rehab Yard

Rehabilitation yard: Great Eaves Farm, Eaves Lane, Bucknall, Stoke on Trent ST2 8LY. Great Eaves Farm Facebook Page

Your horses can be referred directly to me for in-house specialist intensive treatment as required, on a short or more long term basis, depending on the injury and rehabilitation required.

Injuries that require daily electrotherapy and specific mobilisations, with daily professional assessment by a qualified physiotherapist, post surgery cases, rehabilitation cases, box rest cases, can all be catered for.

I am a qualified Equine Vet Physiotherapist, and onsite daily, so your horses injury will be treated and monitored daily by a professional. Our vets visit the yard very regularly, and can also be onsite as required, so your horse will receive daily, specific, professional care. Your own vets are of course also welcome to visit and monitor your horses progress as required.

Alongside physiotherapy and rehabilitation, we also have a computerised gait analysis/lameness locator software service available, which helps us identify subtle lamenesses, so if you feel your horse is just 'off' we can diagnose much further than the eye can see, down to a 3mm difference in symmetry in your horses movement. This enables us to find, diagnose, and treat minor lamenesses before they progress and potentially worsen in severity. We can normally do all of this onsite.

We also run a saddle fitting clinic onsite, with Claire Stanley, qualified Society of Master Saddlers saddle fitter. Clare can check your existing saddles, reflock/alter, as well as provide a new saddle service. During the rehabilitation process your horse can change shape so this is an essential part of getting your horse back into ridden work.


Examples of some of the injuries we can manage: :

  • Tendon/ligament injuries
  • Muscle injuries (tears, pulls)
  • Fractures
  • Wounds - acute and chronic/non healing
  • Post kissing spine surgery rehabilitation
  • Post medication rehabilitation (sacroiliac/hocks)
  • Blemishes - capped hocks, splints, etc can all be improved
  • Injuries within the hoof capsule - treatment, farriery and rehabilitation of movement
  • Osteoarthritis - rehabilitation to improve joint health and strengthen horse
  • muscle damage from ill fitting saddles
  • PLUS
  • fitness work
  • strengthening work
  • postural correction work

Jenny Adamson - Physical Benefits


Yard facilities: :

  • individual turnout paddocks
  • 40x40 sand and fibre outdoor arena
  • indoor arena
  • trot up strip
  • assessment areas
  • Hand walking areas
  • Set of stocks
  • Heat lamps
  • Hot horse showers
  • professional riders
  • Farm ride
  • Horse walker

Jenny Adamson - Physical Benefits